It is a soothing whitening toner that gives care to skin with clear and transparent skin base along with deep moisture supply.

The seven Vitamin B complexes give you vital vitality, helping you to get ridiculous and reddened skin.

200 ml



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A brightening line formulated with 7 types of vitamin B complex that deliver vital energy, leaving skin with a translucent, pink, hydrating glow

Main Features:

  • Recharge of lost pink vital energy : 7 types of vitamin B complex recharges skin with vital energy for a healthy pink glow
  • Soothing & moisturizing formula : Added soothing and moisturizing ingredients for mild, safe use
  • Bright skin in the daytime and night time : A cream with whitening functional ingredients for a healthy, bright skin tone at all times
  • Less stickiness while effectively delivering moisture onto skin for excellent application


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