Milk oil serum that effectively makes your skin look firmer and vibrant!

30ml (Beyond The Remedy Dandelion Root Milky Oil Serum)

25ml (Toner & Mosturizer)


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  • The Remedy gives you this special energy to you and your skin before the energy flows from the root to the flower.
  • highly enriched while containing oak tree extract that has a lot of growing points. The serum makes skin with concerns of wrinkles and looseness have deep moisture and firm nutrition energy.
  • Mild without 4 harmful ingredients (mineral oil, synthetic coloring, paraben and phenoxyethanol) that cause skin irritation!
  • Milk oil serum that effectively makes your skin look firmer and vibrant while containing white resin components in the dandelion root (Tri-terpene)
  • The brightening serum with milky Dandelion root resin formula & low viscosity gives more vibrant feeling to your skin and makes your skin clearer and brighter
  • Tri-terpene in the dandelion root creates saponin as herb medicine, which makes your skin look firm and vibrant.
  • Thanks to vegetable oil components, the serum gets softly spread and creates smooth membrane as it gets freshly & quickly absorbed in order to make your skin look soft and glossy.


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