An antioxidant serum with concentrated formula that tightens the skin to improve skin elasticity

Anti-wrinkle function

50 ml

RM145.00 RM120.00


Main Features:

1) A concentrated antioxidant serum with fully moisturized sensation that instantly & softly absorbs to the skin without stickiness

2) Formulated Green Natural Seed Formula™ to relieve various external stressors, especially extreme dryness (Green Natural Seed Formula: Oat + Green Oat + Soybean derived Tocopherol)

3) Multi-gum system: Formulated with various polymers (EWG Green Grade) to create concentrated and resilient texture while providing elasticity to the skin

4) Main Ingredient content: Tocopherol (900ppm), Oat Kernel Oil (100ppm), Sunflower Seed Oil (100ppm), Oat Kernel Extract (0.5ppm)

  • Moisturing effect of Green Oat Extract: Helps to create moisturized skin by increasing Hyaluronic Acid that protects moisture in the skin cells from dryness
  • Uses Tocopherol derived from sunflower seeds and soybeans
  • Extracts organic ingredient without chemical processing (COSMOS Certified)
  • Tocopherol: The most well-known antioxidant ingredient with Vitamin E activator (IC50: 0.006%)


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