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TFS Asia Tour with KHJ 2010

date 05-Dec-2013


With the great participation from all the media, partners and fans, we are proud to announce that THEFACESHOP Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong has marked a great success in line with the new endorsement! Mission has finally completed with tremendous support from you all. Thanks for your attendance and concentration given throughout Kim Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour in Malaysia on December 4th and 5th. It was indeed a fabulous event to us and hopefully it does the same to you too.

It was our responsibility to ensure that everything is going to run smoothly. As an effort to that, we had carefully carried out the whole plan especially in terms of security and crowd control issue. On 3rd December 2010, while we tried to handle his arrival in a low key, surprisingly, fans somehow still knew about it. They waited at the airport since early morning and sang song while waiting for his arrival. They brought gifts for Kim Hyun Joong and some were lucky enough to be received by him personally. Thanks to them who impressed Kim Hyun Joong on how warm and passionate Malaysians are!

Press Conference

Press conference was scheduled on 4th December 2010, 11am at the Function Room, Carlton 6, Ritz Carlton Hotel. At Carlton 6, we displayed product range of Marine Stem Cell and White Tree Snow. Marine Stem Cell was launched to the market on June 2010. It was extracted from the Glasswort of Brittany, France. Marine Stem Cells preserve their amazing vitality and continue to grow even in extreme conditions. This activator will rejuvenate the skin into young and radiant. On the other hand, our premier preview of the brand new whitening range, White Tree Snow was there too! It represents the best of THEFACESHOP’s effort on presenting nature’s brightening solution for translucent and luminous skin. Containing vitamin A, B, E and C, White Tree Snow range boosts whitening and brightening effect on your skin. In addition, its hot spring water with rich minerals soothes troubled skin and protects skin from free radicals and environmental damage.


About 100 media registered and Owen Yap was the master of ceremony for Press Conference. The limelight fell on Ms Sumin Lee from THEFACESHOP Korea, Mr SJ Ong, Manager of General Admistration from THEFACESHOP Malaysia and Kim Hyun Joong at the conference. An opening video was broadcasted, bridging the new endorsement of Kim Hyun Joong together with THEFACESHOP’s natural story and rapid development  globally.


During the Press Conference, Kim Hyun Joong had launched and revealed the latest product range - White Tree Snow. It was a simple yet grand ceremony whereby White Tree Snow was slowly being “elevated up” followed by the Q&A session. Media were so curious about his beauty regime, favourite product from THEFACESHOP, skin care tips and many more. Kim Hyun Joong seemed very shy when one of the media friends granted him as the most beautiful, gorgeous man in the world. The entire conference room was filled with merriment and laughter. He is really an irresistible cute and humble man. Lastly, the press conference ended perfectly after he answered few media questions. Tantalizing food and beverage were then served at foyer area.


Fans Gathering

On 4th December 2010, the much-awaited Fans Gathering took place at Bukit Bintang Entrance, Pavilion KL (outdoor). As early as 7am, some of the supportive fans had already gathered at the venue.  In fact, registration and door gift redemption started from 2.30pm. Early birds were entitled for exclusive and yet fancy Kim Hyun Joong’s poster plus one Power Treatment Gel Mask. It was drizzle that time but with the powerful and miracles pray from all, the weather turned into pleasantly cool until everything ended.  Approximately 5,000 fans and customers supported the event.

Kim Hyun Joong reached the venue 10 minutes earlier than as scheduled. His appearance had immediately grabbed the attention and fans could not help themselves but screamed to the max.  Here came all the flash of lights of multiple cameras.  Kim Hyun Joong greeted to the fans right away and it lead to another round of high pitch screams. During the event, he unveiled the White Tree Snow collection as well.




A total of 210 lucky winners were shortlisted for the autograph session. 10 of them were able to get Kim Hyun Joong’s autograph on the Special Note Book and group photo chance. The remaining 200 pax were entitled to get Kim Hyun Joong’s autograph on the exclusive sign paper. All the lucky winners left the stage area with happy smiles.



There was an incident where 2 fans fainted during the event due to the stuffy condition. Luckily, St. John Ambulance team quickly lent their big help.  After a small break, they had fully recovered and recharged.


It’s time to say good bye again to all the fans! Kim Hyun Joong left the Fans Gathering by saying that he wishes to come back to Malaysia again for new campaign.  Not forgetting the most heartfelt message to all the beloved fans “I love you” in the end.  This lead to another hype of the event.


Outlet Visit

On 5th December 2010, Kim Hyun Joong paid his visit at Pavilion KL and Sunway Pyramid.  Both outlets were packed and filled with lots of supportive fans and customers. Sufficient barricades and queue poles were set to ensure smoother traffic and to avoid any unhappy incident. Again, he reached both outlets earlier than the pre-set schedule. He presented hamper to 3 lucky shoppers respectively at both outlets and took photo with them. Also, local celebrities were specially invited to Sunway Pyramid outlet to join the “Christmas Gathering with Stars” event. Vic (Singer), Cheryl Lee and Jia Yi (988’s DJ) were there to enjoy the merriment of Christmas too. Once again, Kim Hyun Joong played the role as Santa Claus, presenting Christmas hampers to all the invited artists and greeted them an early Christmas.

He then had a short tour inside the outlet.  His 2-day “THEFACESHOP Asia Tour With Kim Hyun Joong” almost came to the end.  THEFACESHOP Malaysia team quickly grabbed the chance to snap group photos.

Before taking his move, he once again waved to all the attendees and thanked them for unceasing support.


This tour left a positive impression and good memory to the media, fans, customers and THEFACESHOP team.  It was indeed a compact schedule for all the public appearances.  The entire promotion tour was ended with merriment, laughter and satisfaction.

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