January 11, 2019

An essential water-type serum to replenish moisturizing & antioxidant effects that can be used in the first skincare step

√ Silky-smooth skin texture + Fully moisturized skin + Antioxidant effect for tired skin

170 ml

Main Features:

1)A watery textured antioxidant serum that moisturizes and comforts tired skin caused by external stressors

2)Core Serum: The ‘first step’ serum that can mix & match with any seed lines of Chia / Mango / Green Natural without any burden on the skin

3)‘Mild Green’ Formula: Silicone-Free, PEG-Free, EWG-Green grade ingredients

4)Mixed antioxidant complex: A combination of Tocopherol, Rosemary Extract, and Ascorbyl Glucoside that has strong antioxidant efficacy and helps to open the water channel in the first step of basic skincare routine

5)Formulated without 1) Paraben (6 kinds), 2) Phenoxyethanol, 3) Tar Colorants, 4) Animal Derived Ingredients (Cruelty Free), 5) Mineral Oil, 6) BHT, 7) Benzophenone-3

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